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A National Expert Weighs In On Smart Pots

A Show-Stopping Discovery

C.L. Fornari is a nationally renowned speaker, author, radio personality and television host. Known as “The Garden Lady,” she regularly appears at horticultural shows and clubs throughout the United States and Canada. For decades, C.L. grew numerous varieties of plants and vegetables in the ground and in plastic containers. Then in 2007 she discovered another way to raise great plants.

Sweetening the Pot

Appearing at a garden writers’ conference in Oklahoma City, C.L. discovered Smart Pots at Oklahoma State University’s All-America selection trial garden. Talking to fellow horticulturists, she learned the benefits of air pruning and decided to give Smart Pots a try. Now, she uses them year round.

A Solution for All Seasons

During winter, C.L. uses Smart Pots to grow salad greens in her solar shed. When spring rolls around, she harvests or transplants her greens, using her newly emptied Smart Pots to grow potatoes outdoors. Smart Pots make the potatoes much easier to harvest, and they provide excellent control over wire worms and other pests. Red heart, carola, russet, and fingerling are just some of the varieties she cultivates.

Circling the Wagons

Besides air pruning and superior root structures, Smart Pots provided C.L. some unexpected advantages. “They weigh almost nothing. That’s a big deal, because you can move plants anywhere.” When her friend was having trouble growing vegetables in her shaded yard, C.L. concocted a brilliant solution. “I told her to place two smart pots in a Radio Flyer wagon and pull it to where the sun is shining in the morning, afternoon and evening. This gives her a full-sun garden in her shady yard.”

Springing to Life

As a gardening consultant, C.L. has advice for people in regions where spring is cold or the growing season is short. “Early in the growing season, use black Smart Pots to help your plants stay warm. And make sure to grow them aboveground. It keeps them warmer than soil temperature and accelerates the growth of your plants.”

Smart Pots. Smart Choice.

Over the years, C.L. has become a loyal customer and advocate of the Smart Pots brand. “I’ve never had issues getting timely responses from customer service, or help with my orders. I also love the fact that Smart Pots are so durable. In the winter I just empty them out, dust them off, then fold and store them away. I’m still using the same Smart Pots in bought in 2008!” That’s high praise from one of America’s highest-profile gardening experts.

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