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The preferred container for commercial cannabis growers worldwide.

Smart Pots® are the world’s original fabric container manufactured by High Caliper Growing, the inventors of root-pruning technology. Root pruning increases yields by improving water and nutrient absorption. Our award-winning products have been preferred by professional growers for more than 30 years. Made in the U.S.A., every Smart Pot is BPA-free and lead-free. We’ve sold more than 28 million worldwide.

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Cannabis Farm

Preferred by professional growers for over 30 years, Smart Pot is the original, superior fabric aeration container. Our award-winning fabric technology is 100% made in the USA and is free of lead, copper, BPA and Phthalates for a completely clean grow!

Smart Pots pioneered the air root pruning technology. Smart Pots naturally root prune the plants roots, which increases yield by improving water and nutrient absorption. The fabric material of the Smart Pots allow your plant to thrive, promoting exceptional root health and vigorous plant growth.

Smart Pots are a durable investment and are made to last! Our fabric containers are significantly stronger compare to similar products and won’t fall apart in the middle of a grow. We stand by our product, with over 30 years’ experience serving growers of all kinds!

Learn more about our commercial, Smart Pot PRO, product line and download our catalog!

See how long Honeydew Farms in CA has used Smart Pots

Smart Pots are made with fabric that delivers extraordinary yields and a pure cannabis product.

  • Smart Pots are free of toxins and heavy metals. While other fabric pots can leach toxins into the root zone, Smart Pots are safe for growing clean, medicinal flowers.
  • Smart Pots are reusable and sustainable. Our high-quality fabric maintains its integrity year after year. Its rugged design withstands the environmental stresses of sun, wind, water, and nutrients — saving you time and money.
  • Porous, breathable fabric creates optimum moisture in the root zone. It regulates dry down times, stimulates nutrient absorption, and creates a healthy root system for a high-yielding crop.

Learn how organic farm Yerba Buena in Portland reuses Smart Pots

Custom Smart Pots

Need a custom Smart Pot for your grow operation? We’re here to help and gladly welcome custom orders for commercial growers. We make our Smart Pots in our warehouse in Oklahoma City so our turnaround time on customs is quick. Contact us with your custom project.

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At High Caliper Growing, we value our distributors, retailers and growers.

So we make it a priority to attend multiple trade shows and events throughout the year. Find us at a show near you!

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Smart Pots are the leading fabric container for any growing need, whether you’re growing fruits, veggies or flowers!

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