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Berry Delicious Gardening: The Top Six Berry Crops to Grow in Containers

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting your Garden of Eatin’, there are tons of berry varieties that deliver abundant, mouthwatering crops. From tart to tangy to sugary sweet, these six varieties are definitely the way to grow:

These small perennials taste great with just about anything. Layer them on your favorite ice cream, or dip them in sugar for the ultimate sweet-and-sour duo.  However you savor them, strawberries are downright delicious. Another great advantage? They love growing in berry containers! With their compact structure and quick growing habits, growing strawberries in containers is a match made in heaven. For sizeable yields, hang up some Honeoye strawberries in a Wall Flower and watch them grow in any climate. Or try your hand with the Tri-Star variety, another berry container lover. No matter the type, strawberries will make a great addition to your garden and your dinner table.

Blueberries are one of the most versatile berries to incorporate into your recipe book. Sprinkle some Highbush on a slice of creamy cheesecake. Or gather some juicy Lowbush and mash them up in your favorite muffin mix. It might be hard to contain your excitement for these juicy jaw-droppers, but growing blueberries in containers is the best way to go. Why? Because fabric containers not only provide more oxygen to the plant’s root zone — they also maintain ideal moisture levels in your blueberry potting mix.

Rich in Vitamin C, blackcurrant is a hardy plant suitable for growing throughout the U.S. This sweet, tart berry is wildly popular in Europe and makes an excellent relish for pork or poultry. Blackcurrant in general — and the Ben Alder variety in particular — are especially high in anthocyanins. This compound is a natural anti-inflammatory useful in treating osteoarthritis and gout. Blackcurrants also have some of the highest antioxidant levels of any berry species. This super-healthy berry is sweet to the taste and great for your waist!

These delicious treats are one of the easiest berries to grow in any space. In fact, they grow a little too easily. If you’re not careful, they’ll take over your garden. That’s why growing blackberries in containers like the Smart Pot is the preferred technique. After you’ve got a plot for your pot, grow some Chesters and chuck them into a tasty cobbler. Or snack on the mouthwatering berries while using their bitter leaves to spruce up a refreshing glass of tea.

Raspberries require a little more moisture than some of their perennial peers. Growing raspberries in containers is ideal when you have the right fabric container to keep the soil damp. Once you’ve managed to wet your thistle, harvest some Boynes and mix them into your banana bread. If you’re feeling brave, try breaking up some Bristols and mixing them into a spicy jalapeño jam. Any way you prep them, raspberries are irrefutably a top-tier table-topper.

Savory summertime pies. Heavenly crème brûlée tarts. The thought of delicious gooseberry dishes is enough to give you goosebumps. There are hundreds of varieties, and many taste like sour grapes right off the vine. That said, the Captivator and Martlet varieties are love at first bite. No need to ripen these fabulous fruits. Just pick, de-stem and enjoy!


Hardy, prolific, fast-growing berries are the ideal fruit crop for container gardeners. Start yours inside during early spring to avoid damage from late frosts. When the danger of frost passes, move your specimens outside, water abundantly, and fill your basket with luscious berries all summer long

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