Big Bad Bed

The Raised Garden Bed That’s Just So Simple

Start your home garden quickly & easily with Big Bag Bed fabric raised beds. They are the simplest way to start container gardening – perfect for those places you “can’t” dig.

  • Turns Any Space Into A Garden
    Terrace, patio, deck, and undiggableground
  • Up As Fast As You Can Pour In Soil Mix*
    Unfold & fill. No wood or nails needed
  • Sturdy Enough To Move Around
    Easily relocated where & when you want
  • Reusable For Years
    Withstands the elements. Folds for storage
  • Instant Garden Gratification
    1-2-3 Done!

*Soil mixes available at your local gardening center


    • Made in the USA
    • Plant-friendly
    • Made of BPA Free Fabric
    • Sets up in minutes with no construction
    • Provides healthy root and plant growth
    • Affordable and widely available
    • Ready to use in three steps: unfold, fill, plant
    • Available in a variety of sizes & colors
  • “Imagine this: you can grow vegetables anywhere. On the edge of a flower garden or driveway, an existing lawn, or even a rooftop! That’s what I’ve learned… Smart Pots have absolutely become one of my “must-have” garden products.”

    - C.L. Fornari, CL Fornari
  • “One of the biggest challenges… is how to successfully plant under mature trees, while still preserving the tree’s health. Everywhere I tried to dig, I struck roots. I planted more shrubs in Smart Pots and placed them among lower-growing perennials. I was able to give the… illusion that everything is planted in the ground… and both plants and my great oak tree were able to exist harmoniously.”

    - Phyllis Gricus, Owner of Landscape Design Studio, Pittsburgh, PA Phyllis Gricus
  • “I am an extreme container gardener, often planting over 100 pots of varying sizes and types each year. I have found that every plant I’ve tried has thrived in a Smart Pot—my plants just seem to love them. Also, after many years of lugging heavy ceramic pots and trying to find winter storage for them, the ease of storing my Smart Pots, has made my fall cleanup so much easier.”

    - Kerry Michaels, awarded documentarian, container gardener Kerry Michaels

Where to Buy

  • True Value
  • Ace Hardware
  • Bi-Mart
  • The Home Depot
  • Friendman Brothers