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To get started fill your Compost Sak™ with leaves and/or grass clippings. You will notice how fast composting works by how fast the leaves drop down and compress. Keep filling the bag as decomposing happens. Along with the leaves and grass clippings put your kitchen scraps in as well. Be sure to bury the kitchen scraps (food). Do not leave food scraps out in a way that might attract critters. I have found the

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best way to turn your compost is with a small pitchfork or any long handle, such as a broom handle. I insert the broom handle and push it up in a shovel motion. The stirring motion mixes up the composting leaves nicely without getting caught on anything. Do not strain too hard in mixing, the mix is composting anyway.

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Once you notice compost coming to the top it is time to start a new Sak. The ideal use of the Compost Sak™ is to have two going at the same time. When the first Compost Sak™ starts to look full, stop adding anything to it, and start filling the second Sak. Everything in the first Sak will quickly be compost. It will be heavy so donít try to move it. Shovel it into a wheel barrel or move what you need with a bucket. You may be able to roll the Compost Sak™ to your garden area. Keep in mind that a Compost Sak™ filled with Compost will be very heavy.

To start your second Compost Sak™, you may want to peel off the top layer of fill from the first Compost Sak™. This will leave only compost, which you could use immediately.

After dumping the compost from the Compost Sak™, re-use the Compost Sak™. The product is guaranteed for one year, but you should get many years of use from the Compost Sak™.

Buy two Compost Saks at the same time, and we will pay the shipping!



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