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Why should you use the Compost Sak™ instead of your current method of composting? The answer, of course, depends on what your current method of composting is:

- The Big Pile of Mess -

Many people compost by raking leaves and grass clippings into a big pile somewhere in the back yard, and then throw banana peels and coffee grinds on the pile. Every once in a while they stir, and call it composting. This is actually a great method of composting, but it is also a big mess. When the wind blows, it can be an even bigger mess. If you live in a populated area, your neighbors will not like the looks of this compost mess. A big pile of mess also attracts unwanted animals such as mice, rats, snakes and other critters. And when the pile turns to compost, raking it up and taking it to where it needs to be is also a mess.

The Compost Sak™ is a contained Sak with a volume capacity of over 100 gallons. It contains the mess, and stacks it up. Larger animal critters are far less likely to find a home in the Compost Sak™. And when the composting has finished, you can roll the Compost Sak™ to the needed location to dump out your compost. Or put the Compost Sak™ on a dolly and roll it to the needed area.

- Chicken Wire Around Posts -

Many people create a compost area in their backyard by fastening chicken wire around four posts hammered into the ground. Sometimes you might dig a very small trench to place the chicken wire slightly into the ground so that the compost can not get under the wire. This is a great method of composting, but there are problems. Constructing this compost area is a major hassle. You have to buy the posts, the hammer to drive the posts, the chicken wire, the wire to attach the chicken wire to the posts, the clippers to cut the wire, gloves and perhaps a small shovel. And you have to put it all together without cutting yourself. Once the compost area starts to fill, it tends to push out the bottom, creating a big mess. The compost material also starts to push against the chicken wire. If the wire breaks or comes loose, it is a big mess. Small animals such as mice and snakes can also find a nice home in your compost pile. And when you are done composting, you have to load the compost into something to move it to the needed area. Also, scratching your skin on year-old, rusted wire is not a healthy idea.

The Compost Sak™ is about the same price or less than buying a roll of chicken wire and four posts. Most important, the Compost Sak™ is easy to install and use. Just unfold the Sak, put in a few leaves and kitchen scraps and the Compost Sak™ will start to work. And when you are done composting, role the Compost Sak to were you need it and dump it out. Or put the Compost Sak™ on a dolly and roll it to where you need it. Be sure to Re-use the Compost Sak™! The Compost Sak™ is guaranteed for a year, but you should get many years of use from the product.

- Fancy Tumbler Composters -

Many people buy fancy composters with a lot of bells and whistles. These composters are usually made of plastic or sometimes metal. They have holes for aeration. Many models have handles that allow the user to flip or stir the compost. Some models also have a door at the base to make it easy to remove the finished compost. These composters also look great. And compared to a mess pile or chicken wire, they do not attract nearly as many pests. But the cost for a fancy composter can be over $200, $300 and more. Also, the actual capacity volume of these composters is often quite small. They may look big at the store, but they do not produce much actual compost. And sometimes the fancy composters do not actually work all that well. Aeration is a key to good and quick composting. The expensive models have holes in the plastic for aeration, but they are never as porous as the fabric Compost Sak™ is.

The Compost Sak™ has a number of advantages over the fancy competition. First, the price is $39.95. At this price, many people have two or three Compost Saks™ going at the same time. As one Sak gets full, start using the second while the first one finishes off. This way you will always be dumping a finished set of compost. Another big advantage of the Compost Sak™ is size. The Compost Sak™ is big. It is 38 tall by 30 wide and can make over 12 cubic feet of compost. It has a gallon capacity of over 100. Most of the fancy competition has a volume capacity that is much smaller. Also, the ability of the Compost


Sak™ to compost is second to none. Because it is made of fabric, the Compost Sak™ fully aerates, which is key to the composting process. Many of the more expensive models of composters do not aerate as well because they are made of plastic with holes. The only aeration comes from the holes in the plastic, which can never be as porous as the fabric Compost Sak™.

We hope you will try the Compost Sak™. Get into composting to improve your yard and garden!


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