Gardeners Demand High Caliper. Because We’re Rooted In Science.

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At High Caliper Growing, science is at the heart of everything we do. Our groundbreaking Smart Pots deliver more flowers, more edibles, higher yields and healthier plants. That’s not an empty promise. That’s science.

Why are fabric containers superior?

Our fabric garden containers are made from custom-made, porous geotextiles. They allow air and water to pass through the container, creating extraordinary root systems that simply will not grow in clay or plastic pots.


In clay and plastic, roots circle the container looking for an exit. Eventually, the root mass becomes large and tangled, a phenomenon known as “root binding.” Our containers solve this problem through air pruning.

What’s air pruning?

As roots reach the edge of our pots, they’re exposed to airflow. When this happens, the tip of the root dehydrates and stops growing. Then it branches in all directions, forming a dense, fibrous root structure that permeates the soil.

What’s the benefit?

Air pruning creates root structures that are optimal for extracting nutrients. The results are impossible to miss. In our containers, plants grow more abundantly, producing more flowers, fruits and vegetables.

How can you educate customers?

Gardeners care about two things: quality and results. At High Caliper Growing, we invented the root pruning technology in fabric containers in 1984. To this day, we manufacture our products in the U.S.A. Our quality is 100% consistent, and our products are BPA-free. Durable Smart Pots deliver jaw-dropping results year after year. They help plants grow faster, stronger and healthier while producing vastly greater yields of both edibles and ornamentals.

Give your customers the results they deserve.

Great gardening takes more than just a pretty pot. The container you use radically changes how your plants grow. When your customers grow with Smart Pots, they’ll see amazing results and be hooked for life. Order your Smart Pots in time for the spring planting season.