Looking For Hot Sellers? Meet The Cream Of The Crop.

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At High Caliper Growing, gardeners ask for our products by name. Our groundbreaking fabric pots increase yields and make gardening effortless. No digging required. Check out some of our top sellers.

Smart Pots — With technology invented in 1984 by High Caliper Growing, Smart Pots are the original fabric grow bag. Their unique fabric design delivers bigger plants and harvests. Available in sizes of 1 to 1,000 gallons, they’re 100% BPA-free and manufactured in the U.S.A.

Big Bag Bed — This above-ground fabric bed solves a major pain point for customers. Instead of toiling away on construction, gardeners can unfold the bag, fill it with quick mix and start planting. It’s great for yards, driveways, sidewalks, balconies, and patios. Look for the new, Big Bag Long Beds in January 2018.

Pond Pots — Soft-sided Pond Pots promote massive root growth in aquatic plants. They trap soil inside to keep waters crystal clear. Unlike plastic, these fabric bags won’t float or drift. And with no sharp edges, they protect fish and other aquatic life.

Wall Flowers —Wall Flowers are ideal for creating vertical or urban gardens. They can be mounted nearly anywhere, including patios, rails, fences or gates. This durable, weatherproof planter holds approximately three gallons of soil — just right for edibles, annuals and perennials.

Compost Sak —Unlike other compost bins, the Compost Sak is lightweight and portable. Simply unfold and start creating your own black gold. Plentiful airflow and superior moisture control accelerate the composting process. Durable and weatherproof, the Compost Sak stands up to the elements year after year.

Give your customers the results they deserve.

Order your Smart Pots in time for the spring planting season. When your customers see the amazing results, they’ll be hooked for life.