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Outdoor Performance Cannabis Cover

Outdoor Performance Cannabis is a walk-through of Dustin Fraser’s timetested methods, containing more than 55 photographs, charts and illustrations. Dustin has pioneered the idea of growing the cannabis plant into a tree with extreme yields and the highest quality harvest. Based in northern California’s “Emerald Triangle,” Dustin will share all his secrets, providing tips, photographs and illustrations. Outdoor Performance Cannabis is a complete guide to grow what the Mendocino County locals are calling a “Performance Plant!”

With the help of Dustin Fraser, it’s time to step up your growing operation and turn it into a Performance Garden™.

Dustin Fraser Headshot

Meet Dustin

Growing up in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and living on an agora goat farm, Dustin Fraser developed a love of horticulture, agriculture and the concept of growing or raising what you eat. Through extensive experience with indoor growing and being able to mimic nature, Dustin was able to achieve extraordinary yields from hydroponic gardening. After moving with his family to Covelo, CA in 2006, his passion for the cannabis plant turned him into a true cannabis connoisseur. He’s established as one of the great growers of California and developed the concept of Performance Cannabis.

In 2007, Dustin was the first medical grower to discover and use Smart Pots and recognized the possibility that the Smart Pot® just might have a significant impact on the cannabi-growing industry. Dustin’s prediction was correct! The container you use effects* the plants you grow! Dustin has owned and operated two successful retail stores. He has a lifelong dream to perfect and preserve the classic, exotic cannabis varieties that now characterize American cannabis strains.

*Effect is the result of change, and at High Caliper Growing we believe Smart Pots are that change.

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