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Portable Plants

Portable Plants

Many gardeners use the Smart Pot to give themselves a
“portable plant”. This is especially true when used on plants that might struggle in either the cold winter or hot summer in your area.

Example 1: a banana plant

A Banana plant is an eye catcher in the summer. But it must be winter protected.

With the Smart Pot holding the root structure intact, the plant can be easily picked up and moved to a greenhouse or other protected area before the winter cold hits.

The next spring, the plant can be picked up again and placed back into a front area.

Example 2: Living Christmas Trees

Living Christmas Trees are another example of “portable plants”.

A number of conifers work well as Christmas Trees. The plant can be grown in the garden, then moved into the house at holiday time, then returned as soon as weather permits.

Because the Smart Pot holds the roots together, the possibility of successfully moving the plant is greatly increased.

Using the Smart Pot for portable plants

In all cases, the plant is grown in a Smart Pot, then moved to a decorative container, then moved again. The Smart Pot would never be removed from your plant for this application.

Suggestions for “portable plants” include:


Douglas Fir
Leyland Cypress
Blue Spruce
White Pine
Norway Spruce

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