Smart Pot® & Big Bag Bed®: The Perfect Raised Bed Planters for Retailers?

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When you think of raised bed garden containers, what’s the first thing the comes to mind? Here are a few ideas:

  • They’re bulky.
  • They’re expensive.
  • They require assembly.
  • They’re for serious gardeners.

Those challenges keep many would-be gardeners from experimenting with raised bed gardens. But a popular line of products is changing the perception of raised bed planters. Here are five compelling reasons you should have Smart Pots and Big Bag Beds on your shelves.

  1. They’re affordable. Even serious gardeners don’t like shelling out big bucks for garden implements. When it comes to container gardening supplies, Smart Pots and Big Bag Beds lower the barrier to entry. Compared to ceramic, plastic, metal or wooden containers… There is no comparison. Smart Pots and Big Bag Beds win hands-down.
  2. They’re lightweight. Smart Pots and Big Bag Beds are made in the U.S.A. They’re constructed from lightweight, highly durable geo-textiles that last for many years.
  3. No assembly required. Construction is a barrier that keeps many gardeners from adopting raised bed planters. Big Bag Beds wipe this hurdle off the map. Setting up a Big Bag Bed or using a Smart Pot goes something like this:
    • Remove retail tag or packaging
    • Unfold the Smart Pot or Big Bag Bed
    • Insert soil
    • Plant seed or established plants
    • Water regularly

    That’s all there is to it. Raised bed gardening and container gardening have never been easier.

  4. Amazing results. Smart Pots and Big Bag beds are made from a highly porous fabric that is permeable to both air and water. This leads to a process called “air pruning” that dramatically improves plant health and vegetable yields. When roots reach the edge of the container, they desiccate instead of circling or tangling. Then they branch to form dense, fibrous root structures. All those roots deliver a potent dose of water and nutrients to growing plants. The incredible results speak for themselves. And they’ll have your customers coming back for more.
  5. All the benefits. None of the hassle. For retailers, the biggest benefit of raised bed planters is cross-selling. When gardeners set up their beds, they need all the container gardening supplies that go with it — like soil, potting mix, compost, fertilizer, tools, pesticides, seeds, gloves and so much more.

With Smart Pots and Big Bag Beds, cross-selling and up-selling get a whole lot easier. Their lower price point leaves customers with more expendable cash. They also make container gardening so easy, more customers are likely to try it. Smart Pots and Big Bag Beds are truly a win-win for retailers and their valued customers!

Want Proof?

Try Smart Pots and Big Bags Beds for Yourself!

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