“We believe in Smart Pot products.”

“Worm’s Way—KY has carried the Smart Pot products for 6 or 7 years now. All the different sizes and variety of products sell.  They’re just so popular that people request all the different sizes, and ninety-nine percent of the time, they ask for the name brand Smart Pots.

Our biggest concern about carrying any product is; does it actually do what it says it does. Once we used Smart Pots in the store, and our customers started using them, we found that all the benefits they state are true. Everything is on the up and up, and that’s why we “sell” them – because we believe in Smart Pot products.

There are lots of “copy cat” products that try to imitate the Smart Pot line-up, but there is only one Smart Pot!

We even tried one that claimed a slightly different benefit than the Smart Pot, but it just fell apart and lost the faith of our sales team. Customers saw through it too.  It wasn’t worth going with this copycat product. The Smart Pot is priced reasonably and there is no reason to put something up against it directly or replace it.

Smart Pots are great for both soil gardening or in hydroponics.
Using them in hydroponics you can put all kinds of different hydroponic growing media in these Smart Pot containers – like shale rocks, hydroton type media, silica, and grow stones.
They just complement and, to a point, they replace the old traditional way that people were doing things with plastic containers.

High Caliper/Smart Pot is definitely in our top three manufacturers of products that we carry.  They support their product by giving us whatever we need for any kind of promotion, whatever kind of class, whatever we’re doing that we want to give out samples of their product.  They more than oblige our requests.  The unmatched manufacturer’s support & service is why our sales team believes in the Smart Pot products. That just helps us, as sales people, be able to promote and push it even more. Standing behind their products 110% is why we too stand behind and push their products.  The Smart Pot products are just amazing.”