“I would never use another kind of container in my garden.”

“I would never use another kind of container in my garden other than Smart Pots. They’ve got me for life. I started using Smart Pots about 8 years ago, before that I had used every grow medium, every grow method, tried almost every brand of nutrients in my hydro store. This is my love, my passion, and that’s my business too, so I have to know how everything works. After trying them I knew, without a doubt that Smart Pots worked, and I’d be using them forever.

Not only do I host The Heavy T Grow Show and own 2 retail locations in California, but I use the 200 and 300 gal in my backyard as planting beds, and the 3 and 5 gal in my indoor garden. I grow all types of plants in my Smart Pots – flowers, fruit, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, etc.

People that use them know there is no comparison to plastic pots, but compared to other fabric pots on the market, nothing performs better than a Smart Pot. They’re the original and they’re going to last you 3 or 4 growing seasons
easily.  I use them over and over without ripping, and I get a higher yield with the additional air that flows to the roots.

Now you have these knockoffs trying to replicate the Smart Pot, claiming they’re the same. But you get them in your hand and feel the different in consistency of the fabrics and you know- if it’s way thinner, it’s going to break down real quick. Way thicker, it’s not going to let the air flow right. The Smart Pot did the heavy lifting to figure out the optimal fabric thickness necessary to maximize oxygen intake and longevity of the product.

Since the Smart Pot is patented and the knock off companies can’t replicate the Smart Pot they try to distinguish themselves with gimmicks like velcro, springs, or zippers on the side. I’ve tried them all, and those other fabric pots are just not as good.

Every gardener’s best tool in their garden is their observation and what they learn from that, a green thumb is a myth but dirty hands are a reality. I could go on and on about Smart Pots but not until you experience a Smart Pot for yourself will you be a full believer.”