“Smart Pots are a key part of my business strategy.”

“I’ve stocked Smart Pots in my stores for years – almost as long as they’ve been around. Customers ask for them, and most of the products in the store are down to customer demand.

Smart Pots were the original – the first ones on the market. They have the best quality control by far, and they continue to be the best in the business. For me, I always want to work with the original – I feel anything that comes after that just piggybacks on another’s success.

We carry pretty much the full Smart Pots line in store. The demand for different products varies depending on the season, but there is always a call for Smart Pots throughout the summer and winter. In the winter, most people use the products for indoor gardens, so we sell a lot of the smaller sizes, but in the summer we sell anywhere from 100 gallon sizes to the popular 200 gallon container.

In general, Smart Pots are a key part of my business strategy. They allow me to sell people a complete package – soil, fertilizer and containers. Before I decide to carry a product in store, I always consider price, shipping and placement. It was worth it to me to carry the full Smart Pots inventory, but it’s a huge commitment as the containers range between 1 gallon and 1000 gallons. To make it work, I stocked our warehouses with pallet racking – sturdy racks that can take several thousand pounds – just so I could stock the product in sufficient amounts to meet demand.

My customers make it clear that they prefer Smart Pots. They come in and tell me that other versions they’ve tried “fell apart” or “I’m not going to buy the ones that tear.” Other customers come in and rave about Smart Pots, telling me they can throw them in the washer and use them again and again. The quality of Smart Pots is really important to customers.

Of course, you’re always going to get people who want to try the cheaper option. It’s like with cars, some people will want to go for a top-of-the-line model, but others will tell you it’s just transportation, and go for something cheap. At the end of the day, quality is what’s important, and you want something that’s going to last. Smart Pots are quality products – anything else is just entry level.

Smart Pots are different because they encourage a different kind of root system when compared with a common plastic container. With the sun beating down on a plastic pot, the roots get exposed – but not with Smart Pots. They work by creating a friendly environment for roots and they don’t break down – even in the Californian sunshine.

As well as that, the Smart Pots company has been excellent with their support. They’ve been available for my customer appreciation event, and they’re always available to talk to at their shows and expos. Their rep is very available to me – both by phone and at in person at events. They’ve always been at my events, and if a certain rep can’t make it, they’ll even pull one in from another state to be there instead. They are really committed – I couldn’t ask for any more support.

Overall, what I love most about Smart Pots is that they just work. Sure, they’re original and innovative, but they’re also about common sense. They work exactly the way you need them to work.”