“It’s a quality product that makes my farming possible.”

“I’ve used the smart pot probably fifteen to twenty years.

Probably the biggest thing is the amount of growth. My blueberry plants grew two and a half feet the first year. I mean just astronomical. I’ve had people say it takes six to seven years to get a plant that size in the ground.

With air pruning in the smart pot we get a root system that will fill up the bag which is fourteen inches deep and a normal blueberry plant planted in the ground you only get about six inches worth of depth out of your root.

So we put on probably ten times the root system in the smart pot that we ever would in the ground. The smart pot builds the root system. So you have more root system with bigger, better, more fibrous and more feeder roots. More feeder roots means more fruit.

More, bigger fruit. And sweeter fruit. Because you have enough root system underneath that plant to sustain the amount of all the fruit it can produce.

You don’t ever over water it. Because you’ve got that porous bag and it’s going to go out the bottom. The smart pot controls the water.

Another big key to the smart pot, which is very important, the smart pot releases heat. In the middle of the summer when it gets one hundred degrees outside that smart pot releases heat. Because of the airflow through the bag, through the fabric, it’s causing an evaporative cooler inside that root system. A black plastic pot just retains heat and it just gets hotter.

They’ve also lasted a lot longer than I really expected to. I really kind of thought the sun’s UV rays would work them quite a bit. I’ve got fifteen gallon smart pots on this farm that have been here for seven or eight years, out in the sun, in the winter, in the cold, and the heat, and they’re still going.

It’s a quality product that makes my farming possible. Cause I couldn’t do what I do without the Smart Pot. It couldn’t be done.

And it makes farming fun. You can grow things without picking in the dirt. When you plant it in the ground you’re fighting weeds, you’re fighting grass, you’re fighting all these things, but when you plant it in a smart pot, you just don’t have those problems.
Or need to move? You can pack that garden in a U-Haul trailer and take off. And I’ve had customers do that.”