“I decided to stock Smart Pots to give our customers better results.”

“This is my fourth year stocking Smart Pots. Our customers are always looking for better options than traditional pots. I tried Smart Pots myself and I was amazed by the results – I ended up with plants that were four or five times the size of anything I had grown in a plastic pot. So, I decided to stock Smart Pots to give our customers better results.

I first saw Smart Pots as an opportunity to really get into the outdoor growing industry. Taking the decision to stock the Smart Pots was a huge investment for me, so I tried them out myself and became familiar with them so that I could sell them. A lot of customers aren’t too sure about what they can do, so it’s important to be able to answer their questions and advise them so they can feel confident about the product. Otherwise a lot of people will stay in their comfort zones.

Once customers hear that you can reuse the Smart Pots they get really interested. Smart Pots are an investment for people, but it means they can buy them once and store them at the end of the season to be used again. I have friends who bought knockoff versions of the Smart Pots, hoping to save a few dollars, but they ended up having a terrible growing season. In the end, it cost them a lot more than if they had used the Smart Pots in the first place.

When I first started stocking Smart Pots, I was a little concerned about the size of the overall investment, but it took off really quickly. Now, my orders increase every time, and I’m just trying to keep up with customer demand. We’re a hardware store with a nursery rather than a lawn and garden store, so at the start I’d sometimes find that I didn’t have the Smart Pots that customers wanted. Still, it only takes me two days to get an order in, so I can place an order easily. But now, if I see that my shelves are getting a little low then I stock up on Smart Pots again as I know I’ll always sell them.

I’ve noticed a big difference in sales and demand for the Smart Pots. We hold a customer appreciation day with lots of vendors, and the Smart Pots guys are always there, every year since I’ve started stocking them. They are fantastic because they give out samples and talk about different products such as the Big Bag Beds – that was how I was convinced to start stocking those. They are such a great product and the difference between those and a regular pot is just incredible. We actually ran out of them on the day and we ended up selling over 40 – we had never sold so many in one day before!

Right now, we’re carrying the full line of Smart Pots products in store. I used to sell a lot of dirt before I stocked Smart Pots, but I’ve sold at least two more truckloads of dirt this year than last year as demand just keeps growing. When I’m selling a pot, I’ll sell the dirt to go with it, and vice versa. I want to be confident about what I’m selling the customer, and I know they’ll get a fantastic result with Smart Pots, so that has definitely contributed to an increase in sales all round.

Customers like to come back and tell me about their results. This year, I’ve had people come back and say stuff like: “Man, I’ve never had results like this before. You guys are awesome.” I tell them it’s a combination of the dirt they’re growing in and the Smart Pots containers. They are like magic – they really are! My customers are always smiling about them.

As well as that, everyone working at the Smart Pots company is the best. They do a phenomenal job, and our Smart Pots rep is the best one we’ve ever worked with. He always makes time for me whenever I call, and I know he’s busy! The company goes the extra mile to make you feel like a friend, and they are always there if I have any questions. My customers also count on vendors to be out here on customer appreciation day, and the Smart Pots guys are always here. It make me feel good and they’re always really supportive.

Overall, Smart Pots are truly amazing – they really are like magic. I’ve benefitted from an increase in sales and an increase in customers since I started stocking them, and I’ve also attracted new clientele with Smart Pots. I can’t recommend them enough.”