“Not only do we love them, but our customers love them.”

“When I first saw Smart Pots at a trade show, I thought they were a brilliant idea. The price point was also really good compared to regular ceramic pottery, seeing as you can fold up the Smart Pots easily and store them for winter without worrying about them cracking. Aside from this, there are just so many benefits to Smart Pots such as the porous container and the self root pruning that we thought: “Hey, this sounds really great. We have to give this a try.” So we did, and I’ve been stocking Smart Pots in store for about five years now.

Our customers have had a lot of success with Smart Pots. Since we started stocking them, people have been buying more and more of them because they’ve seen such excellent results – we’ve even incorporated them into our classes. Some customers don’t know what they can use the Smart Pots for, and they have certain questions, like “How long do they last?” and “What size do I need?” but by talking about the Smart Pots and using them in our classes, people soon realize the benefits. A lot of our customers become serious Smart Pots advocates – even telling their friends and family to go out and get them.

At the moment, we’re carrying most of the Smart Pots line. As well as the Big Bag Beds, we have the Juniors and the Mini Beds, and we stock a large range of pot sizes, between 3 and 20-gallons. The only problem we’ve had has been deciding how much to stock of each, as everyone wants to grow different things. Last year we sold out of Big Bag Beds, but this year we’ve been selling out of the 15 and 20-gallon containers as well as our garlic and onion sets. We never know what’s going to sell the fastest! In the end though, we always sell our entire inventory each year.

The demand for Smart Pots goes up every year – as soon as people try it once, they come back for more. A lot of people don’t have big farms or back yards to grow plants in, but Smart Pots makes it so easy for people to be successful in the garden. It’s also really easy for us to stock Smart Pots because they fold up, so they don’t take up the shelf space that regular pottery does. It means we can fit a lot more into a smaller area and sell a lot more.

As well as this, the Smart Pots company itself has been really fantastic. We always see them at trade shows, and they’re great any time we have any questions or need samples. Giving out samples is really important for a business like ours, as it gives us the opportunity to plant veggies ourselves and show our customers how it’s done and how easy it is. It’s been such a good customer service experience.

Overall, Smart Pots are really functional, great value and high quality products. Not only do we love them, but our customers love them – and we love that! It makes growing your own so easy for our customers and helps them to be successful. I can definitely recommend Smart Pots to other garden centers.”