“I’d recommend every garden center carry Smart Pots.”

“I’ve stocked Smart Pots in my stores for as long as they’ve been around. They were one of the first, if not THE first, and continue to be the best pots out there. They’ve set the industry standard. In fact, they made such a name that the fabric pot IS the Smart Pot in most people’s eyes.
For my business, they’re a staple. I have to carry them because that’s what people want. Someone runs in the store and says, “You got Smart Pots?”, ‘Yeah, we got Smart Pots.’ They’re like, “Oh, nice!”… so they come in.

Now every company is knocking them off, selling a dozen different fabric pots of lesser quality – the seams ripping on some. Others looking like carpet insulation, and people get freaked out by that.

But Smart Pots stand the test of time. They don’t break down in the sunlight. They don’t break down in the washing machine. They’re a nice looking black fabric material. And they work. They’re amazing!

Whenever I consider carrying a product in store, I look at availability, price and performance.
Smart Pots I can get from any of the three big boys in the industry, so I can have them throw on a case whenever I do an order. They’re competitively priced to plastic pots, getting even cheaper as the size gets greater. For performance, I will pay more, if I have to. And compared to cheaper fabric pots, Smart Pots perform, doing what they say they do. They’re durable, and actually prune the roots, creating a healthier denser root structure. This was proven many times over the time we asked customers to bring us their used soil for a university study a store employee was conducting. The people bringing soil within the Smart Pots, the root ball was so dense, I would have to break it up with a shovel. As they say in our industry, “More roots, more fruits.”

And the company provides us all the support we need to sell their product. They’ve helped us sponsor festivals, give us promotional material, and attend our ‘Ask the Expert’ and vendors days we put on. We love Smart Pot and couldn’t ask for more.

Simply put, Smart Pots work, the company supports us, and they’re wicked available. I’d recommend every garden center carry Smart Pots for their customers.”