“I have probably grown just about any kind of plant in them.”

“I first heard of Smart Pots at a gardening event about 5 years ago, and have been using them as my container of choice ever since. I’ve used them indoors in flood and drain tables, indoors for soil gardening, for container gardening outside, and have probably grown just about any kind of plant in them.

I first started with just a few samples and they were phenomenal. Then I gave out samples to my dad, who’s since switched over his 1-acre garden to all Smart Pots.

The difference I found between a Smart Pot and your typical plastic nursery container is something called air pruning – a term I wasn’t familiar with until I learned about Smart Pots.
In many hard sided containers, a plant becomes root bound, with one spiraling root that can only uptake nutrients through its tip. When you switch over to Smart Pots, the fabric actually air prunes the roots, creating lots of roots and lots of tips, so you have better nutrient absorption and larger plants in smaller containers. Compared to a plastic nursery container, you can see a difference in plant size completely – Smart Pot being the winner with healthier, larger plants.

Other fabric bag competitors try to do this, too, but some of them have different material used in each batch. Sometimes if you bought at two different times, you could see almost two different products because it was different material. So I’ve found the inconsistent material of those containers produces inconsistent results, and inconsistent success. Smart Pots are made in the USA, with the same material, producing consistent, successful results every time.

I really like the Big Bag Beds. If you’re renting or just anywhere you can’t build any garden structures, you could use one of the Big Bag Beds and have a raised bed garden in about ten minutes, or however long it takes you to fill it up with bags of soil.  I don’t have to use power tools, so that’s golden. It’s easy to put up yourself and use if you are the only person in the garden. Probably some of the best results, and probably the best looking strawberry patch I’ve ever had, was grown in the Big Bag Bed. Pro tip: If you’re planning on using a drip system, just install it before you plant anything. It seems like my plants have grown so fast, it would be hard to insert it in later, and I could damage some of them.

I use Smart Pots as my container of choice, and recommend them to others on my radio show all the time.”