“Smart Pots can be used by gardeners of all skill levels.”

“I first found out about Smart Pots a few years ago at a green industry trade show in Denver, Colorado.  When I saw them, I wanted to try them. I was impressed when told how beneficial they would be to plant roots thanks to the air pruning design that allows the roots to grow so much larger and healthier.  Plus I was excited about the portability of Smart Pots and easy storage after the gardening season.  And I like the fact that Smart Pots are quality made in America.

I learned at the trade show, and from reading the helpful instructions on the bag tag how to plant in Smart Pots. Potting soil needs to be packed down firmly and to use a tray or plastic tarp underneath to prevent possible soil stains on concrete.  Sounded easy to me!

Currently, I use Smart Pots to supplement my raised bed vegetable
garden. I grow lots of vegetables, and I use the Smart Pots mainly for broccoli,
potatoes and eggplant.  Smart Pots
are versatile; they can be moved around the landscape which is helpful for crops
like potatoes. They appreciate afternoon shade (especially in Denver with our
extreme sun) so after a few weeks growing in full sun during early spring I move
the potatoes to a spot with afternoon shade.

Although I use Smart Pots for vegetables, they can be used for flowers and herbs. They would work very well on a patio or in a small space, and now that the Smart Pots come in different colors, it would be fun and easy to match décor and add a pop of color.

Smart Pots can be used by gardeners of all skill levels,
especially beginning gardeners. Watering vegetables in containers can be
somewhat confusing for new gardeners. Plastic containers aren’t porous so hold
onto water, terra cotta containers are very porous and need watering often.
With Smart Pots water moves easily
out of the bag, so it’s hard to over-water.  With a healthy root system and easy care
gardeners will be delighted with their harvest (I am).

My Smart Pots are three years old and look like they are showing little wear – they’re certainly very high quality and
durable, I like that.

Smart Pots equal healthy plants and vegetables. I have recommended them in the past and I will definitely continue to recommend them in the future.”