“You really can grow anything with Smart Pots.”

“We’ve been using Smart Pots for six years now, as part of Urbainculteurs installations. Urbainculteurs is all about urbanised culture, and the Smart Pots have been a huge part of that as they make it so easy to grow in the city. It really doesn’t matter where you live – with Smart Pots you can grow on your balcony, your terrace, your roof, even in a parking lot. Basically, you can grow with theses bags anywhere.

We were initially drawn to Smart Pots because we were looking for grow-in bags, and these pots are a really professional option. We wanted bags instead of hard containers because of the flexibility they provide, and Smart Pots are perfect for that. You can have so many different sizes, and it lets people create and produce organically no matter where they are, and no matter how much space they have.

At Urbainculteurs we use the Smart Pots to grow all kinds of things – edible plants as well as medicinal plants and herbs. We also use them to make gardens for hotels, restaurants and to promote urbanite culture. Smart Pots are so easy to use that it hasn’t been hard to get people to try it themselves at home. At the moment, we have 30 installations throughout Quebec City and Montreal, and many of these are public so people can see the installations and how well the Smart Pots work.

Urban gardening is really popular at the moment, so the demand for a product that works in an urban environment is really high. The Smart Pots can adjust to practically any environment, and you get excellent quality produce right in the heart of the city. We also love Smart Pots because they are a really simple et efficient solution so they make it easy for beginners to succeed in gardening. They’re definitely the best thing for urbanite gardening.

People have been really amazed with what Smart Pots has enabled us to do. We can grow trees in bags during the winter with no protection. People are looking at us like, “What? Impossible.” But we can do it with these pots. We’ve grown trees in front of the National Assembly – they’ve been there for three winters now in -30 °C weather – and we don’t have to do anything to them. We can just leave them there. People can’t believe we don’t have to move them. We’ve never had to replace the bags either – Smart Pots just do all the work for you, and the quality is unbelievable.  We even grow mushrooms in them: they grow through the material and you can have oyster mushrooms along with your veggies!

We use everything from the Smart Pots line – the Big Bag Beds, the Wall Flower Planter – everything. We love them all! They are incredibly durable, flexible and so easy to use. As well as this, the customer service has been perfect from Smart Pots – we could not have a better partner.

You really can grow anything with Smart Pots, all you need is good soil, fertilizer and water – that’s it. They make it easy to grow anything you want no matter where you are.”