The Smart Pot Difference

How Smart Pot® Works

Pruning Over Circling

When your plant hits the side of the Smart Pot, it stops. The root then initiates lateral root branching as fibrous feeder roots begin to grow from the main root. As the process repeats, the plant develops a full, fibrous root structure that fills the entire container area. Alternatively, when the root reaches the side of a rigid plastic container, it continues growing longer and starts circling the container – with little to no pruning. As the root circles, moisture and nutrients traveling in the root have further to feed the plant. Plant growth inevitably slows.

Optimized for Bigger & More Fruit

In case after case, plants grow faster in a Smart Pot than in other traditional containers. With more finger roots, the entire system can absorb and take in more moisture and nutrients. And the plant becomes fuller, with more branching, buds, and fruit. A Smart Pot, filled with a healthy soil mix, is often a better place to grow than an in the ground. With the Smart Pot, ideal nutrition and ideal drainage help your plants thrive.

Temperature Control

Plastic containers get very hot in the summer when exposed to direct sunlight all day. The temperature inside the pot can easily exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit on the hot side of the pot. This causes root damage, stunts growth, and stresses the plant.
The Smart Pot aerates the soil. That means there is airflow through the container walls and your potting mix. This results in cooler temperatures that don’t damage your roots.

No More Overwatering

Smart Pots patented fabric is durable enough to withstand the elements and porous enough to release excess water. So porous, in fact, they’ve become the pot of choice for many hydroponics gardeners. But “Smart” enough to distribute moisture evenly. In Smart Pot planters, moisture moves by capillarity – going from wetter areas to drier areas throughout the pot. So you don’t get the “crispy tops, soggy bottoms” experienced in standard pots or all the other drainage issues that come with in-ground gardens. Even water distribution and excellent drainage mean no more root rot from overwatering – just lots and lots of healthy roots and plants.

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