Frequently Asked Questions

We invented the original aeration bag 30 years ago and have seen it all.

Have a question about using the Smart Pot?

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions aboutgrowing with the Smart Pot.

  • Q.How does the Smart Pot work?
  • Q.How much mix (or medium) do I need?
  • Q.What is air pruning?
  • Q.Are they reusable?
  • Q.How to clean the Smart Pot?
  • Q.Why does my Smart Pot look like it has mold or mildew?
  • Q.What’s the difference between tan and black pots?
  • Q.Can I use the Smart Pot and still be organic?
    What is the fabric made of?
  • Q.How is the Smart Pot better for sun, snow and harsh weather?
  • Q.What potting mix is best?
  • Q.What size Smart Pot should I use?
  • Q.Should I buy a Smart Pot, or a cheap knock-off?
  • Q.Are Smart Pots more expensive than plastic or ceramic containers?
  • Q.Can I grow cannabis in Smart Pots?
  • Q.Are Smart Pots compostable at the end of their life?
  • Q.Do Smart Pots Need Drainage Holes Cut Into Them?
  • Q.What surface can I put my Smart Pot on?
  • Q.Do Smart Pot planters keep out rodents?
Have a question about Smart Pots in your store?

Here are answers to questions that most retailers are asking.

  • Q.What’s the difference between Smart Pots and the competition?

    The reason growers ask for the Smart Pot over any other brand is because our quality is unmatched. Smart Pots is the leader and innovator in aeration bags and our customers know it. Smart Pots invented the category of fabric aeration containers and we actively promote the idea. Everyone else just sells a product. Smart Pot is made in the USA so we have control over consistency and quality. Unlike the overseas manufacturing that our competitors use to cut costs. And our products are BPA-free, with no risk of chemical leaching into the soil and plants. That’s why organic growers prefer Smart Pots.

  • Q.Where can I get all the specs like prices, minimum orders, case counts, sizes, etc?

    We’ve made most of this info easily available for download in the resource section of our contact us page. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us.

  • Q.Can I buy through a distributor?

    Of course! That’s what we recommend. Find a distributor in your area by clicking here .

  • Q.Is it better if I go direct to you?

    No. We do not have specials or deals. If you are looking for a deal, contact one of our distributors, they are more likely to offer a better price. Also if you are invited to their shows, the distributor may have really good deals there. To see a list of upcoming events .

  • Q.Who else sells this?

    Our Smart Pots are a carried by retailers big and small. Popular name brand chain stores carry it because it is a must have for our customers. Talk to one of our reps and they’ll show you retailers in your area who have already seen the benefits of stocking Smart Pots.

  • Q.If I carry Smart Pots, will it help my store sell other items?

    Absolutely. When your customers first buy a Smart Pot, they’ll naturally want to fill it with soil, plants, fertilizers, and more. But it’s the performance of the Smart Pot that keeps them coming back every season.