Tired of Constant Watering? We Have a Bedder Solution

To have a successful garden, your plants need life-giving water. But have you ever considered how much water you waste? Or how much time you spend irrigating thirsty plants? There’s got to be a better way. And… (spoiler alert!) there is definitely a better way.

The Bed Wetters™ soaker hose will change the way you look at irrigation. Whether you’re watering raised beds or containerized plants, Bed Wetters deliver water exactly where it’s needed. Even better? It saves on time! And your plants will thank you for giving them precisely the volume of water they need.

Bed Wetters Save Serious Water

Sprinklers, hose nozzles and wands are popular watering implements. Unfortunately, they have some major drawbacks. While your plants receive plenty of water, so do weeds and unwanted grass. You may even be watering concrete and wood surrounding your garden.

But there’s a solution. The Bed Wetters soaker hose delivers a slow, steady drip directly to the root zone. No more wasting water or nutrients caused by water runoff.  The Bed Wetters soaker hose reduces water use by as much as 70%!

A Stitch in Time…

Gardening should be enjoyable, even therapeutic. But for busy gardeners, watering can be a time investment, especially if you’re hand watering with a hose. Depending on its size, watering your garden might eat up 10-15 minutes of your time — even more if you have a hefty garden.

In the dog days of summer, you should water often. Instead of wasting your leisure time watering, you could be checking plants for pests or disease — or even kicking back in your lawn chair!

Here’s a better idea. Put a Bed Wetters soaker hose in your raised bed. It’s a one-and-done solution. No more watering for hours upon hours each week. Add a timer into the mix, and the process becomes effortless. Now you can enjoy more time in your garden, and less time dragging around that pesky water hose.

Make Your Garden A Blooming Success

Using Bed Wetters can improve plant health. Unlike sprinklers and water hoses, Bed Wetters utilize drip irrigation, so they don’t get plant foliage wet. Instead, they deliver water directly to the root zone, keeping foliage dry and helping to prevent disease. And thanks to the slow, constant drip, your plants will be less stressed and more productive.

Made in the USA, Bed Wetters meet the lead-free standard under the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act.  So you can rest assured Bed Wetters won’t leach harmful chemicals into your garden. Want healthier plants, hassle-free gardening, and more leisure time on your hands? The answer is simple. Get your Bed Wetters soaker hose today! Visit our product page and find a retailer near you!

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