Unfold, Fill, & Plant

Family Line of Raised Beds

Lead & BPA-Free, built to last, and ready to plant in seconds!

Anything Else Is Just A Pot.

Why Smart Pot Raised Beds?

Eliminate the hassles of traditional raised garden beds

Sweeter, Bigger & More Fruit

With more fibrous roots, your plants absorb and take in more moisture and nutrients. And the plant becomes fuller, with more branching, buds, and fruit.

Root Pruning & Aeration

When your plant hits the side of the Smart Pot, it stops initiating lateral root branching. Also, Smart Pot aerates the soil producing airflow through the container walls. The result: full, fibrous root structures.

No More Overwatering

Smart Pot’s patented fabric is durable enough to withstand the elements and porous enough to release excess water. No wonder it’s the pot of choice for hydroponics gardeners.

Durable & Reusable

Smart Pot containers are reusable and last multiple seasons. While the expectant life span is at least 3-5 years, many customers are still using their Smart Pot planters a decade later.

Chosen By Professionals

Perfect for just about any use – from home or balcony to professional growing operations. Join the thousands of gardeners getting professional-grade results. No experience required.

Made in the U.S.A.

Our Smart Pot planters, Big Bag Beds, and Root Control Bags are manufactured in Oklahoma. This allows us to keep the highest quality standards.

Smart Pot Lil’ Shorty Raised Bed Planter

Grow Your Own Fresh & Tasty Veggies In A Small Space The Smart Pot Lil’ Shorty Raised Bed Planter is the perfect size for growing tomatoes, beans, peppers, cucumbers, herbs, flowers, greens (and more)! It’s made of durable, aerated fabric that allows for excellent drainage and air circulation, which helps to promote healthy root growth.…

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Smart Pot Urban Raised Bed

Container Gardening for Small Outdoor Spaces and Balconies The Smart Pot Urban Raised Bed is offered in our Natural fabric and comes PVC ready. The Urban Raised Bed supports 1″ PVC piping and fitting. (PVC is only included with kit purchase) Durable and reusable, this raised bed can be installed just about anywhere, producing great…

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Smart Pot Raised Bed Planter

Ideal for Commercial Growers With the same benefits and same fabric material as our traditional Round Raised Beds, these Raised Bed Planters are rectangular with built-in 16″ x16″ partitions. Its non-rigid, flexible fabric conforms to the ground and can be placed on uneven or slightly sloping terrain. Available in three lengths – 6ft., 8ft., and…

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Smart Pot Round Raised Bed

Raised Fabric Bed Jaw-droppingly simple. Just unfold, fill, and plant. This tough weatherproof fabric raised bed needs no assembly. Our Round Raised Bed comes in three convenient diameters.

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