Easier than traditional raised beds

A new line of Raised Beds – Made of fabric!

Better drainage, targeted soil, pH control

Simply Unfold, Fill, & Plant

Why Smart Pot Raised Beds?

Eliminate the hassles of traditional raised garden beds

Raised Bed Page Effortless Setup Icon

Effortless Setup

Say goodbye to time-consuming construction. Most Smart Pot Raised Beds unfold and are ready to fill in minutes. No tools or construction expertise needed!

Targeted Soil and pH Control Icon

Targeted Soil & pH Control

Create ideal soil mixes tailored for your specific plants. This leads to a happier, more productive garden with less guesswork regarding soil amendments.

USA Made Since 1984

Smart Pot prides itself on being an American Made product. We source all inputs and materials within the USA, ensuring superior quality control.

Chemical Free Icon

Made Safe & Chemical-Free

Smart Pot Raised Garden Beds are certified lead and BPA-free, unlike some plastic and wooden raised beds that may contain harmful chemicals. Rest assured knowing your harvest is safe.

Durability Icon

Durability & Longevity

Forget about rotting wood or cracked plastic! Smart Pot Fabric is incredibly strong and weather-resistant, lasting several seasons and offering excellent value for your investment.

Space Saving Icon

Space-Saving Solutions

Our raised beds come in various shapes and sizes, perfect for optimizing any growing area, even balconies and patios, where traditional raised beds would be too cumbersome.

Meet The Family of Raised Beds

Raised Bed Planter

The unique design of these rectangular Raised Beds was awarded two US Patents. An internal divider holds the Raised Bed Planter in place while also separating the growing area into sections. Importantly, the dividers are spaced off the bottom, allowing a free flow of soil mix, moisture and roots to move between sections, ensuring an even outcome for the entire bed. Set up is easy, just unfold, fill and plant.

Urban Raised Bed – PVC Ready

Made in a 2’x4’ rectangle or a 4’x4’ square, the Urban Raised Bed uses PVC to hold its size and shape. Simple to assemble, insert the PVC for the bed to take shape. This bed sits directly on the ground, insuring a close intimate contact. The fabric sides assure even moisture distribution in the bed, a key to raised bed gardening. Controlling pH is also possible in this garden bed.

Lil’ Shorty 3ft Raised Bed

The Lil’ Shorty Urban Raised Bed is a 3’ long Fabric Raised Bed from Smart Pot that is green in color and has handles on both ends, making it easy to move and transport. It is very easy to use the Lil’ Shorty raised bed, simply unfold, fill, and plant your garden. Using a premium soil will ensure fabulous results. Controlling pH levels, important for raising Blueberries and other fruit and vegetables, is much easier in this Raised Bed Planter. Lasts for years. Great drainage.

Round Raised Bed

Round Raised Beds are low profile, or short-sided, fabric containers that easily hold their shape when filled with medium. They come in 2 colors – Purple and Black. Paired with premium soils, nutrients and vegetable starters/seeds and perhaps a tomato cage, the Round Raised Bed makes a perfect kit for a quality container garden. The tough fabric bottom keeps out gophers, moles and other in-ground pests, yet is completely porous, allowing moisture and a few tiny roots to pass through.

Large Smart Pots

Every large Smart Pot is, effectively, a Raised Bed. Our largest Smart Pot, the 1,000 Gallon, is 111” wide by 24” tall – the size of a large hot tub! This Smart Pot holds five cubic yards of soil! Some gardeners build around a large Smart Pot with brick or wood for a prettier landscape. Ground pests such as gophers and moles cannot eat into the fabric raised bed. Most important, the Smart Pot fabric will last for years and years, easily as long as most wood frames. The porous fabric offers almost perfect drainage.