Smart Pot Loving Herb Pharmacy
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Grow a Loving Herb Farmacy

This Mother’s Day, plant a Loving Herb Farmacy for yourself or a loved one! This charming little herb garden is the perfect way to add fresh flavor to any meal, and it’s surprisingly easy to create using a milk crate and our trusty Smart Pot Milk Crate Liner.

Milk Crate Gardens offer a ton of benefits

Compact and portable: Place them anywhere, indoors or outdoors – on patios, driveways, rooftops, or even basements

Easy to maintain: Smart Pot Milk Crate Liners provide excellent drainage and hold in soil, making watering and care a breeze

Intensive planting: Maximize your growing space with a variety of herbs in a single container

Sustainable: Repurpose a milk crate and grow fresh herbs without waste

We’re not the only ones who love Smart Pot Milk Crate Liners. Even the Boston Red Sox use them to grow fresh produce from their rooftop garden, Fenway Farms. They use the bounty from Fenway Farms for chef cuisine at the suite level and in their concessions. Let’s get started on your own edible pharmacy!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Milk Crate (repurpose or purchase a crate)
  • Smart Pot Milk Crate Liner (12”x12”x12” or 12”x18”x12”)
  • Herbs of your choice (we’re planting chocolate mint, thyme, rosemary, Swiss mint, oregano, and Greek oregano)
  • Quality soil (add compost for best results)

Planting Your Herb Farmacy

1. Plan Your Herb Layout

Arrange your chosen herbs in the configuration you’d like them planted in the crate

2. Unfold & Liner Up

Unfold your Smart Pot Milk Crate Liner and place it inside the milk crate. Press the liner into the corners and flatten the bottom for a secure fit. Fold any excess liner over the edges of the crate

3. Fill Your Milk Crate Liner

Fill the liner with a mixture of good quality potting mix and compost (optional) up to 2 inches from the top. Water the soil thoroughly until it reaches the consistency of brownie mix

4. Press Your Guide

Using the pots of your herbs as a guide, press them gently into the soil to create indentations for planting. This will help when digging your planting holes

5. Planting Party!

Remove the plants and carefully dig holes in the soil according to the root depth of each herb. Plant your herbs in the prepared holes and backfill with soil

6. Water Your Farmacy

Give your Loving Herb Farmacy a good watering to settle the soil around the plants. For optimal growth, place your herb farmacy in a location that receives plenty of sunlight

7. Care

Fertilize your herbs as needed according to the specific fertilizer program you choose. Smart Pots work with all fertilizer types

Milk Crate Gardens can be placed almost anywhere, both indoors and outdoors – directly on the ground, on patios, driveways, rooftops, or basement floors. The Smart Pot Milk Crate Liner is a porous fabric, so place a tray or saucer underneath the milk crate when gardening on a valuable surface.

This is a gift that will keep on giving throughout the season. it’s a thoughtful & sustainable alternative to traditional bouquets for Mom.

With a little time and sunlight, your Milk Crate Herb Farmacy will soon be overflowing with fresh, flavorful herbs ready to elevate your culinary creations.

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