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Corn, Beans, And Squash Growing Together – Three Sisters Method

A Timeless Tradition Meets Modern Gardens

Corn Three Sisters

For centuries, Native American communities have nurtured a unique and sustainable agricultural practice known as the Three Sisters Garden. This method involves growing corn, beans, and squash together in a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Today, this ancient wisdom holds valuable lessons for modern gardeners seeking an eco-friendly and productive approach to growing their own food. Let’s delve into the Three Sisters Method and how you can implement it in your own garden with the help of Park Seed Company, a trusted source for high-quality seeds since 1868.

The Synergy of Three

Corn Icon

Corn: Corn provides sturdy stalks for climbing bean vines. Offering support and access to sunlight

Beans Icon

Beans: Beans fix the nitrogen in the soil, enriching the environment for Sisters Corn and Squash. They also add valuable protein to your diet when eaten alongside corn

Pumpkin Icon

Squash: Squash spreads its broad leaves as it grows. This cover acts as living mulch that suppresses weeds, retains moisture, and protects the roots of both Sister Corn and Squash

Planning Your Three Sisters Garden

1. Prepare Your Soil

Choose a sunny location to place your Smart Pot and create raised mounds of soil about 1ft high and 2ft wide. We recommend at least a 45-Gallon Smart Pot or a Raised Bed for best results

2. Plant The Corn

Sow 5-6 corn seeds directly on top of each mound, spacing them out evenly. Opt. for varieties suited to your climate and preferences. Park Seed offers a great selection including, “Honey Select Triple Sweet” or “Ambrosia” for early harvests

3. Introduce The Beans

Wait about two weeks for your corn to reach 5-6 inches tall. Now, sow 6-8 bean seeds around the base of each mound. Choose climbing varieties of beans (bush beans will not work) like “Kentucky Blue Pole” or beautiful “’Black Knight’ Heirloom. *It’s important to help them initially climb the corn stalks*

4. Welcome The Squash

One week after planting the beans, sow 6-8 squash seeds around the base of each mound, allowing them to spread freely. Park Seed suggests traditional pumpkins or summer squash varieties like zucchini depending on your desired harvest time

5. Thin And Tend

As your garden grows, thin the corn to 2-3 stalks per mound and encourage the beans to climb the corn stalks. Consider adding a “fourth sister” like sunflowers for pest control and additional support

By incorporating the Three Sisters method into your garden, you’re not just growing delicious food

You’re honoring a rich tradition and fostering a thriving ecosystem. With Smart Pots’ breathable fabric containers, you can create the perfect environment for your Three Sisters to flourish, even in limited spaces. Start your journey today and experience the magic of collaborative gardening!

Remember to check out Park Seed’s informative blog post for detailed instructions and additional tips:

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