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Obviously we think Smart Pots are the best, but don't take our word for it. Here are some studies and write-ups for your enjoyment.

6 Reasons Fabric Pots Blow Plastic Out of the Water

5 Reasons Fabric Pots Deliver Massive Yields

5 Tips for Supercharging Greenhouse Yields

4 Proven Advantages of Fabric Pots for Roots

Looking For Hot Sellers? Meet The Cream Of The Crop.

Gardeners Demand High Caliper. Because We're Rooted In Science.

The Benefits of Adding a New Category to your Shelves

Smart Pot® & Big Bag Bed®: The Perfect Raised Bed Planters for Retailers?

Plant grown in Purple Smart Pot

Spencer's Lawn and Garden Center: An Urban Gardening Outlet with Deep Community Roots

Flowers grown in fabric aeration containers

A National Expert Weighs In On Smart Pots

Herbs grown in Smart Pot container

From Novice to Expert, Container Gardeners Are Driving Retail Demand

Flowers grown in Smart Pots

Filling the Cart: The Benefits of Container Gardening for Retailers

Greenhouse tomatoes grown in containers

Growing Greenhouse Tomatoes in Containers

Smart Pots sold in stores

The Retail Benefits of Container Gardening: TLC Garden Centers

McDonald Garden Center plant grown in air-pruning pot

Fabric Planters Extend Product Lifecycle at McDonald Garden Centers

National Gardeners Association Website

National Gardeners Association

Wall Street Journal article: For a green thumb, just add water.

Wall Street Journal

Gardens for All Article

Oklahoma Today: Gardens for All

Article: Winter Survival in Fabric Containers

University of New Hampshire: Winter Survival in Fabric Containers

PDF: Comparing shrubs grown in Smart Pots with those grown in plastic containers

Texas A&M: Advantages of Smart Pots vs. Conventional Containers

PDF: Root Pruning

Oregon State University: Root Pruning in Fabric Containers