How to Spot a Fake Smart Pot

First, a Quick History Lesson…

In 1984, High Caliper Growing introduced fabric pots to the tree farm industry. Invented four years earlier by Ralph Reiger from Oklahoma City, fabric pots immediately drew the attention of progressive tree farmers and nurseries. These early adopters were eager to find a product that improved the speed and efficiency of tree growing.

The result was nothing less than spectacular. Growers found they could plant and harvest trees in a fraction of the time required by ball-and-burlap planting. Mortality rates, labor costs and shipping costs all plummeted. As it turned out, container planting produced trees that were not only hardier but much easier to harvest. And 2 to 3 times as many trees could fit on a truck. It all added up to massive savings on production and shipping costs.

In 2006, High Caliper introduced Smarts Pots to the retail market. These air-pruning pots were designed for smaller plants. Commercial growers and home gardeners quickly discovered Smart Pots’ numerous advantages over traditional growing containers. Before long, a wave of competitors flooded the market with cheap, low-quality imitations.

Nothing Beats the Original

High Caliper Growing’s original fabric pots provide numerous benefits, features and advantages that benefit home and commercial growers:

1) Unlike traditional containers, which cause root circling, Smart Pots promote a process known as “air pruning.” When roots reach the boundary of fabric pots, they sense the presence of oxygen penetrating the fabric container. Instead of circling the pot seeking an exit, roots form finely branched structures that deliver moisture and nutrients to the growing plant more efficiently. A larger, healthier root mass leads to vastly improved yields.

2) Smart Pots promote excellent drainage. Excess moisture drains directly through the fabric, virtually eliminating root rot and its associated parasites.

3) Smart Pots are completely free of chemicals, dyes and BPA. They are chemically inert, so there is never a danger of harmful chemicals leaching into the soil.

4) Smart Pots are made 100% in America. American manufacturing gives High Caliper Growing total quality control over the manufacturing process.

5) High Caliper Growing’s fabric pots are incredibly durable and made specifically for your grow or garden. When properly used, stored and maintained, they deliver a minimum lifespan of five years.

And Now, a Look at the Competition.

Imitation fabric pots can’t live up to the extraordinary benefits delivered by Smart Pots. Here are just a few of their shortcomings:

1) They’re typically made overseas. Primarily in China, to be exact. Chinese imitations not only lack quality control. They lack something every grower relies on—consistency. Buyers can’t be sure they’ll get the same quality, design or fabric from one batch to the next.

2) Many foreign-made fabric pots contain lead, harmful dyes, and BPA. When you’re growing plants for consumption, the risk of chemical contamination is high. Why risk your health — or the health of your customers — just to pinch a few pennies?

3) They lack durability. Some imitators are of such poor quality, they split open when filled with soil. Extra stitching and hems are telltale signs of lackluster fabric. If it requires extra stitching to remain intact, its effective lifespan is limited.

4) They’re too thick or too thin. This defeats the greatest advantages of authentic Smart Pots. Fabric that is too thin results in excessive drainage. Overly thick fabric inhibits drainage. That causes root circling, rot and a host of other problems.

So How Can You Tell Smart Pots from Cheap Knock-Offs?

Actually, it’s pretty simple. Just look for the white Smart Pot tag. If it’s not there, you’re probably getting less than you bargained for. The Smart Pot tag is a symbol of American-made quality since 1984. Thanks to rigorous testing, refinement and top-quality craftsmanship, you know you’re getting the best.

Perhaps you’ve heard the popular saying, “Fake it until you make it.” When it comes to fabric pots, you’re better off choosing the real deal. So be sure to look for the white Smart Pot tag. When you see (and taste) the incredible results, you’ll be glad you chose the world’s original fabric pot.


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