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Smart Thoughts

A Blossoming Success at GrowGreenMI

Smart Pot products in store

An Expert’s Observations on Smart Pot Plant Containers

Tyler Strait takes horticulture seriously. At age 11, he began working at his father’s landscaping and tree service company. The passion he developed there propelled him to the horticulture program at Michigan State University. Eventually, he landed the position of Sales Manager at GrowGreenMI, one of Michigan’s largest horticultural supply stores. With 18 years of industry experience, Tyler has a keen eye for gardening products. And he’s had a front-row seat to Smart Pots’ success in the indoor-growing industry. “GrowGreenMI has been around for six years, and we’ve been selling Smart Pots since day one. It’s no coincidence they represent 95% of our fabric pot sales.”