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A Blossoming Success at GrowGreenMI

An Expert’s Observations on Smart Pot Plant Containers

Tyler Strait takes horticulture seriously. At age 11, he began working at his father’s landscaping and tree service company. The passion he developed there propelled him to the horticulture program at Michigan State University. Eventually, he landed the position of Sales Manager at GrowGreenMI, one of Michigan’s largest horticultural supply stores. With 18 years of industry experience, Tyler has a keen eye for gardening products. And he’s had a front-row seat to Smart Pots’ success in the indoor-growing industry. “GrowGreenMI has been around for six years, and we’ve been selling Smart Pots since day one. It’s no coincidence they represent 95% of our fabric pot sales.”

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Winning Over the Sales Team with Superior Plant Pots
One advantage of Tyler’s sales job is the constant stream of free samples. Tyler and his sales team are avid growers, so they get to test a never-ending supply of new products. “It seems like there’s someone in here every day trying to sell us a new fabric pot. Occasionally, our guys try them out. I’ve personally tried over 10 different brands of fabric pots. But we all keep coming back to the Smart Pot. It’s just a whole different level of quality.”

Key Differentiators Put Smart Pots Ahead of the Game
Tyler manages a portfolio in excess of 10,000 products. And he’s always on the lookout for merchandise that sells quickly, generating an attractive ROI. Smart Pots offer distinctive differentiators that make their products stand out. “For starters, it’s 100% American-made. In Michigan, that’s huge. I don’t have to worry about some Chinese manufacturer using a toxic dye. Then there’s the construction. Smart Pots use a thin fabric that dries quickly and evenly. Their competitors use this thick fabric that stays damp. You might as well be growing in a wet diaper. It totally defeats the root pruning advantage you’re supposed to get with fabric pots. And the packaging is excellent. It looks great on the floor.”

Towering Inventory – and Sales
In addition to dominating its own product category, Smart Pots have been one of the hottest overall products at GrowGreenMI for many years. “You know the mantra in sales: ‘Stack it high. Make it fly.’ We keep 100 cases stacked up on the floor, and we go through five to ten a day. To give you an idea, that’s up to 500 Smart Pots each and every day. When customers come looking for a fabric pot, they walk out of here with a Smart Pot 95% of the time. And the cross selling is effortless. When you sell Smart Pots, you WILL sell soil, tomato cages, bamboo stakes, fertilizer… It’s really a no brainer.” With attractive packaging, American craftsmanship, and high-quality fabric construction, Smart Pots have solidified their place in GrowGreenMI for years to come.

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