Smart Pot Raised Bed Collage
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The Future of Raised Bed Gardening

Raised bed gardening has become increasingly popular for its numerous advantages. It allows gardeners to cultivate thriving plants even in less-than-ideal soil conditions, and it offers improved drainage, better pest control, and ergonomic benefits. But what if there was a raised bed solution that was even easier to use and offered additional benefits?

Smart Pot Raised Bed Collage
6′ Raised Bed Planter

Smart Pot Raised Bed Planter: Innovation in Raised Bed Gardening

At the heart of the Smart Pot Raised Bed Planter lies the same innovative Smart Pot Geotextile Fabric™ that has revolutionized container gardening. This breathable material offers a multitude of advantages over traditional raised bed materials like wood or plastic:

  • Simple Setup: Forget about the hassle of constructing wooden raised beds. Smart Pot Raised Beds require no tools! Simply unfold, fill with soil, and plant.
  • Flexible Design: The non-rigid, flexible fabric conforms to uneven or slightly sloping terrain, making it perfect for yards that aren’t perfectly level.
  • Built-in Sections: Unlike traditional raised beds, Smart Pot Raised Bed Planters feature built-in 16″ x 16″ sections. This allows for easy customization of your planting layout and provides additional structural support.
  • Durable and Long-lasting: Made in the USA with high-quality materials, Smart Pots are UV-resistant and designed for over 5 years of outdoor use. Leave your Smart Pot Raised Bed outside year-round, or fold it up for easy storage during the off-season.
12 Foot Smart Pot Raised Bed Planter

Smart Pot Raised Bed Planters come in three standard sizes – 6ft, 8ft, and 12ft – offering plenty of space for a variety of plants. But for those with professional or commercial ambitions, Smart Pot can custom-build a raised bed to your exact specifications.

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How to Use the Smart Pot Raised Bed Planter

  1. Choose a spot in your garden that gets plenty of sunlight
  2. Prepare the soil by adding compost or other organic matter
  3. Unfold your Smart Pot Raised Bed Planter
  4. Fill the Raised Bed Planter with soil
  5. Plant your seeds, seedlings, or starts
  6. Water your plants regularly
  7. Fertilize your plants as needed
  8. Enjoy your beautiful, healthy plants

From vegetable gardens to flourishing herb havens, Smart Pot Raised Beds empower you to cultivate your dream garden with unmatched ease and success. Find your perfect Smart Pot Raised Bed Planter and discover the future of raised bed gardening today!


The Smart Pot Raised Bed Planter is one of nine patents honored from the US Patent Office to Smart Pot.


Where to Buy the Smart Pot Raised Bed Planter

The Smart Pot Raised Bed Planter is available for purchase online and at select retailers. To find an Authorized Retailer near you, click here

My Favorite Smart Pot Product!

I love the size of it and the opportunities are endless. This year I have mini watermelon growing in one compartment, yellow neck squash in another, and cantaloupe in the 3rd compartment. This is year 3 using the same raised bed and it still looks great!
Diane K.
Verified Smart Pot Gardener

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