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Growing Aquatic Plants: The Benefits of Pond Pots

A decorative pond is a glorious addition to any landscape. And aquatic plants add a touch of class that can really put your pond over the top. If you’re currently growing aquatic plants in plastic pots, perhaps it’s time to consider fabric Pond Pots. With distinct advantages for your fish and plants, the benefits of Pond Pots are hard to overstate.

Cleaner, Clearer Water

Fabric Pond Pots are permeable to air and water. So moisture can flow in, but soil can’t flow out. That keeps your water free from sediment that can escape from plastic pots. But here’s an even bigger benefit of pond pots — plant roots can grow through the fabric without tearing it. Submerged roots filter the water by absorbing nitrogen. They give your pond a crystal-clear appearance without expensive filtering mechanisms.

Healthier Plants

Plastic pots promote root circling, an unhealthy condition in which roots circle the container, becoming a tangled mass. That’s extremely unhealthy for plants because tangled roots can’t circulate moisture and nutrients properly. Left untreated, root-bound plants will eventually die.

Pond Pots solve this problem by eliminating root circling altogether. When roots reach the boundary of the Pond Pot, they branch instead of circling. They form a dense mass that supercharges growth and circulates nutrients efficiently. Growing aquatic plants in Pond Pots delivers bigger, healthier specimens.

A Safer Environment for Fish

Over time, plastic pots become brittle and cracked. The exposed, jagged edges of the pot can cut and injure your fish — not to mention visiting birds, frogs and turtles. Fish and birds are also prone to eating bits of plastic. In birds, plastics build up in the gut, leaving little room for food. By growing aquatic plants in Pond Pots, you’ll protect our feathered friends and avoid scarring expensive fish.

Extraordinary Durability

Pond Pots are made in America from highly resilient geotextiles. They’re tough, they’re durable, and they never rot.

Environmental Safety

Contrary to common belief, plastics are anything but inert. When they’re exposed to sun, water and shifting temperatures, plastic containers can leach harmful chemicals into the soil or water. Bisphenol A (or BPA), vinyl chloride, and phthalates are just a few examples, and they are all hazardous to human and animal health. Fabric pots are BPA-free and chemically inert. They never leach harmful chemicals into the surrounding environment. 

Pond Pots Stay Put!

Hard plastic containers are prone to floating around. Pond Pots conform to their supporting surface, keeping them firmly rooted in place. Whether your surface is flat, sloped, or uneven, Pond Pots stay where you put them.

When you’re growing aquatic plants, Pond Pots can’t be beat. Give them a try today and see the amazing results for yourself. With bigger plants, healthier fish, and clearer water, you’ll be glad you discovered the amazing benefits of Pond Pots.

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