Harvesting tomatoes during storm season
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How to Harvest Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables During Storm Season

April showers bring May flowers, but that’s not always the case. Often times May and June bring severe weather and storms that can damage all your hard work. If your blooms are already full and bright, you can harvest them to enjoy indoors and save them from the harsh springtime weather.

Start by cutting those beautiful peonies, mums, daisies and more. Then, strip the lower leaves to prevent them from being submerged in your vase where they will rot and create bacteria in the water. Make a fresh cut on the stem end, holding it underwater in the sink right before placing the bloom in a clean vase full of clean, room temperature water. Change your vase water daily to keep flowers fresh longer.

What about those fruits and veggies? If your equally concerned with your fresh produce, it’s okay to pick them as many will continue to ripen indoors if picked before the storm. Just pick those tiny, tender peas, smaller greens, green beans and slightly green tomatoes right off the vine. After all, getting those mini fruits and veggies now are sure better than none at all! These delicate early produce can be your first taste of success, and more will set and mature long after the storm is passed.

Whether you’re worried about those beautiful flowers in your front yard or concerned about saving those tasty fruits and vegetables, you can protect them all from the harsh weather that often comes in Spring. Don’t let the harsh elements ruin all your hard work!

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