Watering your garden

Irrigation Tips for the Garden

Water, water, everywhere – but what do your plants really need?

How, when, and where to water—along with how much – are eternal questions for every gardener. The ‘how much’ will vary from plant to plant, but the how, when, and where are fairly universal.

Where – No doubt the most efficient and healthy approach to garden irrigation is delivering water straight to your plant’s root zone. The choice between an in-ground watering system or overhead sprinklers will have huge impact on your results. Overhead vegetable garden irrigation wastes water and sets you and your plants up for a world of hurt. Alternative methods, like micro-head sprayers are an excellent alternative, delivering water to the root zone efficiently.

When – Watering foliage, flowers, and fruits in the mid-day sun risks burning your plants. Leaving your plants wet overnight can lead to mildew and other diseases. A little work and investment on the front end of your project will pay off big time in the heat of the summer and in the peak growing season.

How – A drip system or micro-head spray is the way to go when planning your garden irrigation. Not only will a well-planned system save time and money, it will provide the moisture your plants need – how, when, and where they need it.

Roots are the primary way plants can absorb and deliver water. Adequate watering leads to thriving fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Container gardeners can also get great benefits from a micro-head system. It allows you to put one little spray head into each pot, simplifying your container gardening tremendously. Mirco-head sprayers eliminate the need to tote watering cans, and you won’t have to hand water with a hose for long periods. Each container can have custom garden irrigation, leading to bigger, better, beautiful plants. Lots of kits will help you install irrigation for vegetable gardens and provide irrigation tips and advice to boot. Most are packaged to allow plenty of customization and easy add-ons – like timers – to ensure your vegetable garden irrigation is a perfect fit.

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  1. I never knew that installing an irrigation system could help keep your garden healthy by giving them adequate amounts of water. My friend wants to start a small fruit garden in his backyard once he’s saved enough money. I’ll probably relay this idea to him so he’d try installing one on his landscape!

  2. It’s nice that you mentioned how adequate watering would lead to thriving fruits, vegetables, and flowers. We just started a garden in our backyard and we want to make sure that the plants would grow properly. With that in mind, we should probably ask experts to install an irrigation system.

  3. Not long ago, my mom told me she’s worried about her garden’s not getting the right amount of water. I’m glad you elaborated on irrigation advice for a garden using a drip system or a micro-head spray. I’ll visit my mom’s house later this afternoon, and I’ll recommend we find a professional irrigation designer for her garden’s needs.

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