Is your Raised Bed Garden Environmentally Responsive?

That is not a typo. It is not supposed to read Environmentally Responsible, although that could be used to describe Smart Pots with our recycling efforts – manufactured in the USA and using locally sourced, USA materials – but that is not what this is about. This is about Environmentally Responsive. Is your garden Environmentally Responsive or is your garden Environmentally Reactive? Let’s define what Environmentally Responsive means first.

To be Environmentally Responsive is to reflect the environmental conditions that surrounds. In architectural practices, responsive architectures are designs that respond to the environmental conditions and adapt the form, shape, color, or character in an appropriate way. Well… the Smart Pot doesn’t adapt its form or shape or even color, but its characteristics are another matter. The Smart Pot adapts and is responsive to the environment giving your plants, your garden, the best advantage to grow and produce.

Most containers and raised beds are Environmentally Reactive. They react to the environment. The temperature is hot, and the container gets hot and everything inside it heats up as well. When the temperature is cold, and the container and everything inside the container is cold. When it rains, the container fills up with water and we all know what too much water will do to most plants. These are the characteristics of most planters; whether a raised bed or a container. They are designed to hold your soil and that is about it. But the Smart Pot, true to its name, was designed with more thought, insight and desire to be the best container for your plants……..and you… because we all want to have a beautiful garden and a great harvest.

The Smart Pot is Environmentally Responsive which means that it responds to the environment. (all the teachers out there are screaming right now because the word being defined was just used in the definition…. bear with me here) It responds to the heat, the cold and the rain. When temperatures sore in the late part of the summer, look at other types of planters. The plants look stressed and have probably produced their last flower. But the Smart Pots, when these conditions occur, responds. The Smart Pot will release the heat on these hot days. When other containers react by heating up and trapping the heat in the container, the Smart Pot releases the heat and keeps your plants cooler with less stress and more fruit and flowers. The difference between a Smart Pot Environmentally Responsive Container and the standard Environmentally Reactive Container that holds heat in could be more than 20 degrees Fahrenheit! #thatshot

Environmentally Responsive properties also help in the early spring. When the winter is trying to hold on and keep the spring from fully engaging around us, the mornings can be cold. Then the afternoon comes around and winter loosens its grip and the temperature can be warm and even flat out hot on some days. This temperature swing is not your young plants and seedlings, friend. However, in a Black Smart Pot the material responds to the sun and heats up the plant and soil even in these cold mornings. Again, helping your plant grow to its potential.

So, is your raised bed Environmentally Responsive or Reactive? If you are in a Smart Pot or Big Bag Bed the answer is Responsive….and the results are Harvestable………happy gardening!


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