Say Yes to NoCoco Basket Liner

It’s time to compost last season’s coconut fiber basket liners and try something new. Smart Pots NoCoco Liners will change the way you plant and care for your hanging baskets this season.

NoCoco Liners are smooth and attractive alternatives to lining hanging baskets with coconut fiber (also called coir liners), burlap or landscaping fabric. Because the liners are preformed to a round shape, and fit three sizes of baskets, gardeners won’t have to do any cutting, trimming or poking holes in the fabric to aid drainage. They also hold together without fraying, splitting or cracking.

Hanging planters are a great way for small space gardeners to add vertical appeal to their outside plantings. The choice of liner colors – black, natural and forest green – means gardeners can mix or match liners to their baskets.

More than a soil holder for hanging baskets, Smart Pot NoCoco Liners grow healthier plants because the porous fabric helps plants grow strong root systems. As roots grow into the sides of the NoCoco Liner, they’re forced to prune themselves and form new roots. More roots mean healthier plants.

In plastic hanging baskets, roots continue to grow and grow. Without being able to prune themselves, roots run out of room and that limits plant health and growth. The soil in containers with root bound plants also dries out more quickly in hot weather.

How to Plant a NoCoco Liner

The reusable NoCoco liners make quick work of planting. Simply place the liner in a hanging basket and fill to 1-2 inches below the rim with a potting soil made for container planting. Select a potting mix that includes a slow-release fertilizer or mix in your favorite fertilizer for containers.

Add water to moisten the potting mix thoroughly and then plant with your favorite hanging basket combinations or something new to you:

  • Succulents and small cacti, including those meant to trail over the edge of the basket
  • Annual flowers like Supertunia petunias and Superbells calibrachoa
  • Everbearing strawberries for more strawberries over the season
  • Cherry tomatoes with long vines like Tumbling Tom, Tumbler and Sungold among others
  • Vining vegetables like peas, green beans and miniature cucumbers
  • Herbs such as basil, cilantro, parsley and chives

Care for Hanging Baskets

After planting, add a thin layer of mulch over the top of the soil to help hold in moisture. Mulch for containers can include dry, untreated grass clippings, dried and crushed tree leaves, shredded newspaper or another kind of organic mulch.

Be sure to check the soil every day and water as needed to keep soil moist, but not soggy.

Add a liquid fertilizer to the watering can every two weeks to help keep plants flowering and vegetables fruiting through the summer.

Reusable NoCoco Liners

After the gardening season is over, save your NoCoco Liners for next year. Because these liners are durable and reusable, simply empty soil from the container, brush away any soil or roots and fold for easy storing. You’ll get many years of hanging basket enjoyment with Smart Pots NoCoco Liners.

To order the Smart Pot NoCoco Liner, please visit Gardener’s Supply’s website –

Petunia in basket

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