Spring hydroponic garden
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Spring Hydroponic Gardening Tips for Summer Produce

Got the itch to get dirty? Too cold to plant outside? Don’t forget you can start many of those popular fruits and veggies growing indoors while this Spring weather starts to warm up.

Fabric aerations containers are great for growing plants, fruits and vegetables inside. It’s easy to get your seeds started so that you have beautiful, abundant plants already growing by the time that warm sunshine becomes a daily thing.

With hydroponic growing, you don’t need expensive fancy lights to sprout seeds. So if you’re new to this type of growing, keep in mind that florescent lights in your house will do the trick until it gets warm enough. Once warm weather decides to stick around you can simply take your plants outside and replant them.

If your hydroponic plants outgrow your current pots before you’re ready to take them outside, you can simply place them in a larger size container to keep them growing nice and full.

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