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Grow Up with Smart Pots Vertical Gardening

Vertical Gardening in Smart Pots

Vertical planting in Smart Pots is a simple way to break out of a gardening rut. Growing up is like adding an energetic exclamation point that punctuates patios, breaks up large horizontal landscapes and fills narrow spaces. Not only does vertical growing maximize a garden’s space, it can solve some common garden challenges.

Vertical gardening gives a small garden added depth, enhances an unappealing view and hides eyesores. Gardeners can give their gardens a lift with a few new ideas in vertical growing.

Think Outside the Tomato Cage

Even though tomato cages are meant to corral unruly fruiting vines, they can create towers of flower power when planted with ornamental vines. Place the cage in the Smart Pot first, then plant fast-growing sweet peas, morning glories or black-eye Susan vines. These annuals will grow quickly and find their way up the climbing support, with a little help.

Good-looking annual edibles like to be caged, too. Hyacinth beans and nasturtium flowers are just two ideas for vine-to-table planting.

Hang a Succulent Work of Art

Succulents are like living sculptures that can transform a plain fence or railing into an outdoor art museum. With their natural architectural qualities, a single succulent or combination of plants adds a new look to an old space. Plant succulents that have a hanging or draping habit, like creeping blue spruce sedum or red carpet stonecrop.

For the healthiest plants, add a thin layer of gravel and fill Smart Pot Wall Flower planters with a well-draining potting mix or a cactus mix. Succulents prefer soil on the dry side, so water deeply, but infrequently.

Teepee More than Peas

Peas and beans are old favorites for growing on a teepee trellis, but there are plenty of other plants that like to grow up. Baby cucumbers, pint-sized pumpkins and small squashes make for attractive and edible plantings. A bamboo teepee trellis is easy to construct with several stakes and ties placed in a Smart Pot. Plant around the base of stakes and guide vines up the teepee as they grow.

Colorful foliage plants that climb a trellis can disguise an unsightly view or add dimension to an empty spot. Place several Smart Pots together or fill a Big Bag Long Bed to curve around a corner. Even though sweet potato vines typically like to sprawl along the ground,  these colorful vines can grow up, too. Carefully ties vines to poles as they grow.

Vertical Growing Tips

For the healthiest container plants, place pots in a sunny spot and plant in a loose, well-draining soil. A slow-release fertilizer at planting time gives plants a head start on their vertical growing, with one or two more applications during the growing season.

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