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Planting a Salad Bowl

Looking for a bit of Sunday Funday? Plant up a Salad Bowl!

Smart Pots Big Bag Beds can jumpstart a healthy and fun project whether you have a giant gardening space or a tiny spot on your driveway, patio, or balcony. Spring is in the air, and one early way to jump into the fresh gardening season is to take advantage of cool spring temperatures and soft spring rains is by starting your salad greens and early veggies in a Smart Pot Big Bag Bed. One of the three sizes is sure to fit your gardening needs: The Original, Jr., or Mini.

Pick a couple of your favorite salad ingredients, a good quality container soil, and the Smart Pot of your choice and fresh salad ingredients will be at your fingertips! Red Salad Bowl, Romaine, and Spinach will provide great texture and color contrasts for eye appeal and loads of vitamins and minerals. Romaine lettuce is packed with vitamin C, vitamin K and folate — nature’s form of B-9 (folic acid), which boosts the immune system and can prevent depression. Loose-leaf greens like Red Salad Bowl, while low in fiber, adds a tender and sweet flavor and beautiful color, and is an heirloom lettuce that is slow to bolt as temperatures increase later in spring. The deep green, thicker leaves of spinach add great texture and are a super source of iron, calcium, vitamin C and K1, great reasons to include them in your Smart Pot Salad Bowl. Finally, add some carrots for color, crunch, and a super-duper source of antioxidants, beta carotene, and a blast of vitamin A!

A great variety of carrots and salad greens already growing in six-packs and 4- inch pots are available in most garden centers right now for a bit of a head start or choose from a wide variety of seeds. Either way, your Smart Pot Salad Bowl will be a fast and healthy Sunday Funday project with delicious results to enjoy and share!

Start your Smart Pot Salad Bowl today – Simply Unfold, Fill & Plant!




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