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Planting Strawberries in a Wall Flower

Looking for a Sunday Funday with a sweet, sweet payoff? All it takes to start your very own strawberry patch is some soil, strawberry plants from your local garden center, and Smart Pots Wallflower hanging planters.  Sturdy brass grommets on the top and bottom corners make it easy to create a hanging strawberry garden. Your fence, trellis, balcony railing, or any other place you can hang an “S” hook can be transformed into a garden of delightful berries in an afternoon!

There are two basic types of strawberries, June bearing and everbearing. Like the name implies, June bearing varieties like All-Star and Sequoia will bear lots of fruit at the same time, making it them great for a sizable harvest all at once. Everbearing varieties like Ozark Beauty and Quinault will set smaller amounts of fruit for a more extended season, often into the early fall. Growers’ tags will usually identify which type of strawberry you’re looking at; it’s great to grow some of each so you have tasty berries to nibble throughout the summer, as well as a bumper crop for desserts and drinks early in the season.

Once you’ve chosen your strawberry plants, the rest is a snap.  Just unfold, fill, plant, and hang. Like all Smart Pot fabric planters, the Wallflower is easy to use, durable, and made in the USA.

Get your Sunday Funday on and grab some fresh, green strawberry plants while they are available. With a little luck your Smart Pot Wallflower hanging strawberry patch will be loaded with beautiful and delicious juicy red strawberries before you know it! Strawberry Shortcake, anyone?

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  1. Debra Kayoda says:

    How many strawberry plants per wall hanger? Also recommendation for how many per 3 gallon smart pot. Thanks.

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